About me

Hello Everyone,
Its me Unseen! Im glad you found to this page!
Before I tell you more about my work I wanna let you know who I am and what I do 😛

Beside work I love playing video games! Currently playing Ragnarok Online ofc. League of Legends, Fortnite sometimes (yes i do suck in these all) :3 & In my free time I love to work with applications to edit stuff like Music & Pics. I love turning songs to nightcore – make Emblems, draw stuff and more!

Just started with FL Studio, Used to work with Audition.
I can edit Videos with premiere. (atleast I know the basics :rofl: )
I Made this website and it “Logo/Emblem” Which is simple and took me 5min LOL

I love Music. all genre beside metal which gives me headache! <__>

My Fav. “Music Artists” are Yung Kafa & Kücüc Efendi.
funny thing is. I can’t tell what the “Genre” is called.
Maybe you can tell me by clicking on their name to check them out!

What games I hate? League of Legends (yes I just said I play it), Shooters, most likely all EA games lol

So… <WHAT can I Offer?>

I Love to work “with” Ragnarok Online Sprites and more
I do:

Why am I doing this work?

I Love playing on RO!
I offer my help from my own side.
and I think, I could improve alot of things with some great ideas for the future on some servers!!